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Born in Israel in 1980

B.Ed.F.A – A graduate of Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College, 2006

Currently a presenting artist and a professional art teacher, teaching in various settings

A member of the Plastic Artists Association of Israel

Lives and creates in Tel-Aviv




2013 – a solo exhibition at the International Cultural Union I.C.U Gallery, Castra, Haifa, Israel




2013 Sincresisarte Gallery, Empoli, Tuscany, Italy

2012 Rothschild 65 Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2012 "Monochrome", kiryat Haomanim, Zfat, Israel.

2011 Migdalor Gallery, Jaffa

2008 Transforming Matter, Caladan Gallery, Cambridge, MA, U.S.A

             (virtual group exhibition, featuring artists from around the globe).




2010        Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary events,  Mesilat Yesharim first Art Festival. (a special outdoor work).

2009-10 Tel Aviv's 100th anniversary events, "Hutzot Basderot exhibition" , featuring chosen artists from

                   Tel-Aviv presented in wandering exhibition in Tel Aviv as well as in other cities in Israel.

2008       Kiryat Hamelacha artist quarter event, Tel Aviv.

2008       Artishowk1 art event exhibition.

2008-12 – Fundraising and communal art events: Open House for Non-profit-organizations,

                   sponsored by Bank Hapoalim Fresh paint 1 Art Fair, The White Project.

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